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View from a restaurant in Manuel Antonio

looking over the beach at Manuel Antonio


March 8

Navigating the mountain roads takes great courage. There is no shoulder. One side is the mountain and the other....a drop off. It's incredible how dry it is on the Pacific side after all the rain we'd suffered through the last couple of days. There's not much growing this time of year.

After one stop to see some huge crocodiles in the river, another to watch some Scarlet Macaws, we arrived in the smelly town of Quepos. The hotel is nice with a beautiful pool on the roof. Within 15 minutes we'd all dropped off the bags, changed into beach wear and went for some lunch. The next treat was catching the public bus which we road the 6 or 7 km to the beach in Manuel Antonia. The water was warm and inviting but the surf was high and the undertow strong.

After playing in the waves for a while some of us caught the bus back and we all met again for dinner. Tonight was Italian and the consensus was something other than Costa Rican! lol

March 9

This morning we were picked up and taken to the harbour for the sailing trip Jorge had arranged for us. The idea was to see whales and dolphins and go snorkeling. Neither of those panned out well. No whales and the snorkeling was pretty pathetic. It was a great morning on the water anyway. The Costa Rican coastline is beautiful and dynamic. We gave up on snorkeling and just climbed back on the boat and jumped or dove off over and over. Lots of fun. The water was warm and it was hot outside. What more could you ask for? The crew served us a nice lunch of mahi mahi and provided us with great drinks including pina coladas and cibriani which I really enjoyed.

Some opted to go to the beach after but we headed back to the hotel to enjoy the pool. I actually sat for 2 full hours and just read a book. It was nice to relax!

We took the public bus back into Manuel Antonio to watch the sunset over the ocean and share our last dinner together. Tomorrow the rest of the group heads back to San Jose. Lillian's staying in Quepos and Mike and I are moving to the Hotel California. Jorge recommended it and we want to go just so we can sing the Eagles song. :)

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