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Sunrise @ Davis Lakes

Our campsite

Moon rise @ Davis Lakes

Sunset over Staunton

Unique voting sticker

Many old log cabins in Highland Co


Coming 'round the mountain to Monterey

Our festival location

Approximately one week ago, we began prepping the Big Horn for travel to Monterey, Virginia. You might say, "But I thought you have a mountain house there?" Yes, we do; however, the coach allows me to have a little more comfort and allows us the freedom to be close up and personal with the festival.

During the get ready days, we moved from the storage area to a camp site. Corky worked tirelessly cleaning the exterior while I worked on the inside at my on pace-S-L-O-W-L-y. Being in the coach brings us solace, happy memories, and the fact that no matter where one is your home is following along. The pictures give one a visual of our weather changes in Suffolk. Out of the clear BLUE sky came something we called hail but the local meteorologist called "grapple"-a fine line between frozen snow in a snow thunder cloud and frozen ice.

The number of RV's parked in the Staunton, Virgina Walmart parking lot has always sparked our curiosity. Wednesday night we joined this intriguing group by staying overnight. The real reason was to break the trip up for me as riding can be uncomfortable...no issue. Wasn't the sunrise over the mountain stunning?

The Monterey Chamber of Commerce kindly set us up with a site which includes water,sewer, and electric. The festival runs Friday thru Sunday which attracts vendors from as far away as Canada, both eastern and western, and all over the US. All food vendors are local-how wonderful is that? Since this is a big lambing area, there are lamb dishes, homemade sauces to accompany the lamb(lamb growers association), homemade vegetable soup(scout troop), homemade maple donuts(Ruritan club, multiple locations for buckwheat pancakes and regular pancakes, and the usual assortment of homemade goodies.

I start salivating at the anticipation of a fish sandwich from the fish hatchery. Sure enough I consummed the whole thing. The line is quite long but worth the wait.

I'm hoping there is obvious improvement in my writing skills this time around. A couple of entries have been laden with errors. I am thinking you all will cut me some slack for now-ha. I will stop for now; adding daily entries.

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