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Hi all,

We made it! And are back feeling good and looking forward to exploring and enjoying Indonesia. We checked into a Losmen, like a guesthouse. It's a dump but hey, we are in a good town and feeling sane. I din;t think it possible to miss tuk tuk's and rickshaws but I feel we are back on track.

I love the local scam here "come to art gallery last day of exhibition" It's great when you see them with the same patter the next day "hey you where you go?" me: "an art gallery I must hurry it;s the last day!" they don't follow up after that hehe. And I got in a brilliant line I nicked from Chris from Nottingham. Guy comes up to us and says "hello what are you looking for?" reply: "a way out of this conversation" Comedy gold. hehehe.

We visited the palace which was groovy, our guide (see pics) decided to make it more realistic and that she would do her own version of the Flying Piquets to explain the music they play at the palace, it went on for ages and it was almost feeling like a wind up for a TV show. Funny moment of the day was that on arrival I was told I was inappropriately dressed. I had a vest on and should have known better. However it didn't matter for women, Petrina in a short skirt and vest of her own. Fear not though, they hire I thought. Now any bloke who ever forgot his P.E. kit at school will know exactly how I felt. I was presented with a grey t-shirt (see pics) and it smelled just like the sort of thing in out of the gym lost property bin you'd have to wear, it took me back. Yuk! I was so glad to hand that back in and I hope they burned it. It wasn't until we were walking down the street that I could smell B.O. and realised it was me. Now I'm not a smelly person when I sweat (that's just the way it is) but obviously the last scantily clad visitor/s to the palace were and their odor was now on me and cooking up. I took a sneaking whiff of my left pit and almost gagged, when I looked up however I realised it wasn't so sneaking and a couple of Indonesia lads were laughing their sock off at me. The soap in the bathroom of the coffee shop we then went to was put to very good use.

Much love C & P xx

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