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Offered through Escuela del Mundo (School of the World) --

Course title: Budgeting 101 --

Professor: None Pre Reqs: None --

Material: Any and all currencies --

Location: Cuba Passing grade: Get out of Cuba* --

What better way to learn budgeting but in the real world. Provided with the knowledge that home stays start around $8 per night per person, budget for a 9 night/8 day stay in Cuba for you and a traveling companion. Please note, all US credit cards and banks are invalid in Cuba and changing US currency to Cuban currency directly incurs a significant additional fee. Good luck! -- *See additional note. *Passing this course means you budgeted well enough to have remaining at the end of your trip the $25** exit fee to get out of the country. **The fee is $25*** PER PERSON. ***The $25 MUST be in Cuban currency**** ****Cuban National Pesos not accepted ONLY Cuban Convertible Pesos are accepted

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