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February 28th 2012 We were all quite sleepy still when we got off the bus and unfortunately our rooms at the hotel were not ready, we took the opportunity to change our clothes and freshen up and then we all got on the minibus and went to the Brazil side of Iguassu Falls. It was so beautiful. So much water and spread over a reasonable distance. Although the Brazilian side only makes up 30% of the falls, tomorrow we would be doing the Argentinian side which is 70%. It was a good day and we walked slowly stopping to take pictures along the way. We got back to the hotel about 6 and checked into the rooms. We met up at 8pm for dinner. With 17 of us it takes a while to order and get our food and its usually pretty late by the time we leave. It was good to make the most of a decent bed for the night.

February 29th 2012 We met at 8am to travel to the Argentinian side of the waterfalls but required our passports to cross the border. Unfortunately 2 of the girls had locked their passports in the safe and could not open it. An hour later the hotel staff managed it after we had the security people on the phone trying everything. We crossed the boarder OK and arrived at the Iguassu national park about 10.30am. You could get a boat ride which took you into the falls so the majority of us did this. It was so much fun, totally amazing experience, the falls are huge and so powerful. The boat took us down the river and into the falls, we were totally drenched. Luckily it was a hot day. After this we go a few more pictures from the bottom of the waterfalls, seeing some rainbows to which was pretty. At breakfast we had sneaked some cheese and ham rolls into our bags for lunch but unfortunately Ricky had them all in his bag and put it down to turn around to find these crazy animals eating our sandwiches. It was quite funny really. After lunch we walked the top of the falls walkway. It was totally breathtaking. The sound of the water was so powerful, the speed and the depth. After many more photo opportunities we took the train round to the furthest part and most powerful of one of the waterfalls. At 3pm our arrival to the last bit and after we had just dried out from this mornings activity the heavens opened. Luckily I had brought my water proof, although I am not sure that after walking 40 minutes in the rain to the falls where the spray was incredible as well I would have been better off to have just left my bikini on and walked as most other people seemed to be doing. It was amazing although disappointing with the pictures because the sky was so gray and too much rain. I bumped into a couple of people who I had previously met in El Misti which was nice. We all got back to the station an hour and a half later drenched. We made our way back to the minibus where the weather brightened up again. Typical. I skipped out on dinner and watched a bit of TV, then joined the others later for a few games of pool which was fun.

1st March 2012

Today we checked out of the hotel but would be travelling by night bus to Bonito. The bus was not leaving until 10pm so I spent the day with Leanne just wondering about the town, which was quite a strange one and not really much here. Just a stop over point for the water falls. It was one of the girls birthdays the next day so I got a photo printed of us all in front of the Falls and had Happy Birthday printed on it. It was quite nice and got everyone to sign the back. We searhed everywhere for a card but not much luck.

I spent a while on the internet catching up and writing in my diary as well. We went for amazing ice cream and watched a film. Finally 10pm arrived and off we went o our bus. This one was just a day bus really and was incredibly uncomfortable for the 12 hours we were on it.

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