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Speed on Interstate 10

Entering the caverns

Flow stones

Popcorn and Stalagmites

Bacon flow stones

Horseshoe Lake

As we drove west from Austin we drove into more hilly countryside. We got into farms and ranches once we left the populated area. Fenced fields had cattle, buffalo and goats, the most common goats were white with brown heads. Fredericksburg is well know for peaches and wine.

The guide book said that Caverns of Sonora are the most beautiful in the world, I had never been in caves anywhere so was quit excited to see these. We went on a guided two hour tour, through the main part of the cave about two miles long. This cave is a living cave with a constant temp of 70 F and 98% humidity. Stalagmites, stalactites and helictites are still growing from the calcites in the seeping water. Some of the formations looked translucent, some formed layers that look like bacon or layers of fabric, called flowstones. Some areas were smooth and looked like flowing water. Other places where the water splashed it was called popcorn because it was white and puffy. There was not a lot of water, one of the two ponds we ssaw was a horseshoe shape and about 4 feet deep at the deepest. We went about 150 feet down, we were warned that the trail was rugged and there was 360 steps. I was not disappointed, the caverns were spectacular.

Continued west on I 10 and stopped for the night at the Circle Bar RV Park in Ozona, TX.

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