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Partially restored building at Chloride.

Restored on the outside but the inside is not for the faint...

Another partially restored house which people live in.

Only in New Mexico. Truth or Consequences (T or C) was renamed for some silly TV show in the 1950's and the name stayed. There is nothing much here except a big dam. Every school or public holiday the town grows in size with people fishing and boating on the dam. Except at the moment because there has been a drought for years and there is bugger all water. The towns original name was 'Hot Springs' because they have quite a few and are supposed to be great for whatever ails you.

Just out of T or C is a nice little village called Chloride. Chloride was a silver mining area during the late 1800's. It did fairly well except a few people were killed by the Apaches and after the silver started to run out people started doing a runner around 1893. A few die hards who just hung around but the Post Office closed in 1953. The Post Master just closed the doors and walked out. Around the 1990's a group of people bought the town and moved in with the idea of rebuilding the ghost town as a tourist attraction. When they opened the Post Office they found heaps of the really old town records many of which are on display in the museum. Chloride is well worth a visit but T or C is probably a town not to bother with.

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