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The taking out of Jim's stomach tube was so "easy," that we could hardly believe that it was over (almost before it even started). Thank you all for praying!! He needed the area frozen and then when they were discussing with Jim about the process of putting it in (and how hard that had been) they pulled it out without Jim even knowing they had done it. Then the doctor asked Jim if, "He was ready for them to take it out?" and he said,"Yes." and then they told him it was done! What an amazing shock to Jim. It seems as if nothing (no tests or procedures) that have been done on Jim this past year has been easy or quick, so we were not prepared for such speed. (I didn't even have time to open the book I brought to read and I was able to stay in with him for the procedure. Almost fun!) Thanks again for praying!

Next week we begin the follow-up doctor visits in Vancouver. Monday, March 5th, we see the kidney doctor and Tuesday, March 6th, we see the cardiologist. Hopefully we can "sign off" from both of them. We get to stay the night at Terry & Jade's and "sit" the grandones while they go out for dinner for Jade's birthday. It will be so delightful to have Jim there with me!

Then the next week Tuesday, March 13, we have a visit to the cancer doctor, and on Wednesday, March 14. we see

Dr. Cook, the cardiac surgeon, to thank him for doing the surgeries and "show-off" God's miracles. I'll blog again after these doctor visits.

Thanks for being on this journey with us.

Love, Jim & Joan

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