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My new boyfriend who looks exactly like Tim

Tim's new girlfriend (who doesn't look like me)

You've guessed right: it IS the biggest cashew tree in the world!

Sprayed by a deadly disease

Tres Amigos

You've guessed right again: we didn't go on any of these

Flipper and his girlfriend

Chilling out

So the Americas really are the core of the world?

Meet Maria

Our Carnival friend making love to the camera

Man or woman? - part1

Man or woman? - part2

Man and woman

The Bride-zilla

Spot the implants of the Carnival Queen

We were very lucky to stay with some friends in Natal in the north-east, who treated us to the whole Brazilian life-style: carnival, booze, amazing food, men dressed as women, stunning beaches and the biggest fake arse implants ever seen. They have their own "Carnatal" in December so we were very lucky to stumble across a huge street parade one evening. It was amusing to see various transvestites anonymously blending in but giving themselves away with their masculine dancing and bulges in the wrong places.

We then spent 5 nights in Praia de Pipa, a bohemian beach resort, for our last week of chilling out. We were able to swim with wild dolphins, 2-3 metres away from us, which was an amazing experience. One evening there was another street party where again the men took the opportunity to dress as women while the women dressed in all-body fishnet stockings. Unfortunately we missed the huge fight which was apparently started by women and finished by men dressed as women. After days spent swimming, enjoying some amazing food and generally taking it easy we returned to Natal for one last night with our friends. We were now down to our last week which was hard to believe.

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