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The day after the police stopped their strike and the murders stopped.....

Good to see the Church and Carnival Working closely together

Out on a limb - the bizarre Church of Bonfim

The sand gets everywhere....

View from Pelourhino

Pretty Island of Morro del Sao Paulo

Our cocktail Queen - Not Sandrine, the one with the big bosoms...

Tim is getting the same haircut

The day before we set off to Salvador the BBC reported that the police had gone on strike and murders had 'increased dramatically'. Perfect. I was confident that some cockney charm would get us out of any difficult situation. The place certainly had a feel to it as it had been under curfew for 2 nights and was oddly quiet for a Friday night when we ventured out. We had a good night all the same, although the 10 bed dormitory is not on my list of 10 Most Romantic Hotel Rooms, and left the next morning for the lovely island of Morro del Sao Paulo which luckily wasn't under curfew and not full of 6 foot 6 hugely muscled blokes looking pretty menacing.

Our 'pousada' (hostel) was on the 3rd beach and was run by a crazy Italian guy. Every morning and evening there were people complaining about various problems. He dealt with it in the way any normal bloke would do ie run off to the bar next door. Quality. Apart from a fridge door that kept coming off and no running water for 12 hours we were lucky. The beaches are amazing and the sea is like a warm bath. For much of the day it is too shallow to swim so people wallow in 1/2 metre of water like hippos (slim ones with fake boobs and 6 packs) trying to cool off.

We spent our evenings drinking cocktails made from every fruit known to man, and some unknown ones as well. Our favourite stall was run by Te-Tania who made the strongest and tastiest cocktails on the island and had comfortably the biggest boobs as well. Life was easy there, too easy...

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