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We shared a pot of coffee while talking about our fall trip to Arizona. Soft music played in the background and the fireplace added some ambiance.

We lingered for some time after the coffee was finished off, just enjoying a quiet, peaceful morning.

I finally felt compelled to get busy so I made the bed and straightened the bedroom, then took my shower and dressed in clean, comfortable clothing.

By that time Marilyn was probably feeling guilty. She got herself started and soon joined me, pronouncing herself ready to go across the street to Jan & Tom’s for a gathering of friends, for Chili Soup and assorted other goodies.

Heinz & Irene were there and a few other folks we had met before.

We also met a couple of new friends including a couple from Hot Springs Village, Arkansas. That couple was Tom & Eddie (She doesn’t like her given name and has always gone by the name of Eddie).

The food, company and conversation was all good. Tom & Eddie dropped over to our place to see our RV and get one of our business cards. Nice folks that I suspect we’ll stay in touch with.

Marilyn & I mainly relaxed in the afternoon.

We downloaded several books from Amazon, to our Kindles.

Jen & Steve sent some pictures and we enjoyed looking at those.

I started reading one of the newly downloaded books called “Border Crossing” and it is pretty good so far. Actually it is excellent for a free book. LOL

We saw Bob & Janet out walking but didn’t have a chance to visit with them today. Ginger is still recovering from her cold and Jesse has mostly remained inside, except for walking the “boys”.

So that is the way our Sunday has gone today.

Another fine day!

Life is Good!

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