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Last night, we crossed the International Date Line, the imaginary line on the Earth that separates two consecutive calendar days. The date in the Eastern hemisphere (to the left of the line) is always one day ahead of the date in the Western hemisphere. So we lost the 20th of February. We were in American Samoa 12 hours ago and it was Sunday (Feb 19). This morning we woke up and it is Tuesday (Feb 21). It is very confusing to do this by sea. Our dinner tablemates and we discussed it for two nights and totally confused ourselves every time. Deb thought it would be like crossing a time zone but it is not. It is almost freaky. To make matters worse, we have grown accustom to looking at the elevator floor mats to see what day it is. Yesterday, we got into the elevator and the floor mat said it was Friday (but it was Sunday) or is it Tuesday? We don’t even know any more.

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