Xerogeanes Family Travels to Argentina-2012 travel blog

Hi from El Bolson, Argentina;

I really like it here. It is a small town, about twice the size of Ukiah, with good food, nice people and nice stray dogs. The supermarkets here (and in all of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego) are limited. It seems like all they have is frosted flakes, warm milk, and stale bread, however, we have found some great restaurants.

We have no car and take buses everywhere. Our latest ride lasted 2 full days. We had to stop and sleep in a town called Perito Moreno. Sorry to say, but the hotel we stayed in was a dump. The walls were discolored and looked rusty and moldy. The shower curtain was stained brown and the bottom of the shower was slimy. There was toilet water on the bathroom floor and the toilet looked like it was going to overflow, and there was a drain in the middle of the bathroom floor for when the toilet or shower overflows. The only one who took a shower there was my Mom. After her shower she said that she felt dirtier than before she took the shower.

We took a 24 kilometer (students, it is your job to figure out how many miles are in a kilometer) hike. We hiked all the way to this glacial lake where I skipped rocks. I liked it because when we returned to the hotel I was really tired and I like the way that type of tired feels.

I really like being in a different place but I miss my home, my bed, and my friends.



p.s. they call Spanish Castellano down here

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