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The local fan cooled bus


Heading to the Laos boarder immigrations


Want some whisky?



The best view was from up on the tower and Jenelle couldn't...

Angry Jenelle waiting

The Buddha temple disco (notice the energy drinks and disco lights)

There always seems to be stairs up to the temples





Feb 21 Huay Xai

In the morning we left Chiang Mai, hoped on a bus and heading for Laos. After 2 bus rides we made it to the Laos boarder, did some paperwork and met our Laos leader. We then hoped on a boat and arrived in Huay Xai. Very small town with not much to do. Of course we climbed up the hill to the local monk temple for a visit. The best view of the village and Mekong River was from a tower but women were not allowed on the tower. So Ian climbed to the top and took a picture for Jenelle. There are very different rules in temples. You have to have you shoulders and knees covered, women ABSOULTELY cannot touch a monk or any part of his clothing, women are not allowed in certain areas, you have to take off your shoes inside the temple, no public displays of affection, and you have to be quiet. We went for dinner and drinks with our group, on our way to eat a dog decided he was going to hang out with us that day. We named him "Huay" and he followed us everywhere and even would nap by our chairs if we stopped somewhere to eat our drink. "Huay" had a leech in his nose that would pop out for a moment then crawl back up his nose! GROSS! We were all to afraid to pull it out incase the dog didn't like that and bit us....poor "Huay".

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