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Our revised target of Ukiah turned out to be very nice. We arrived in the dark and in the morning we got a good look at what was there. It was a very basic, old gravel pads with grass taking over, power, water, and a sewer connection. It was as good as it gets with all the conveniences of home. And it was only $27, which for California seemed to be a bargain. We spent part of last night working out our new and revised, simple plan. We decided that for today we would on travel to King City and stay a a regional park where we stayed in 2010. The drive was quite a challenge and Nancy never did want to jump in the drivers seat. The worst part was between San Rafael and Fremont on the 880. Lots of very narrow lanes, stupid drivers, chewed up roads, and on ramps with zero run room. Lots of white knuckle driving for me today. I also know know what it like to see a once well established infrastructure of roads in complete shambles. Literally hunks of road were just missing, patch jobs that felt more like they used Spackle than asphalt, and lines that were likely last painted when JFK was president.

We made our target destination before sunset and loved that it was so warm to us that cooler clothing was needed. We will stay 2 days here and decide what next during that time. Tonight I will BBQ some lamb chops, accompanied by a sweet potato and salad, and all washed down with s nice Bogle Vineyards Old Vine Zinfandel. And perhaps tomorrow we will go visit Jerry Lohr's winery just down the road.

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