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just because

for my mom

my private bus ride to downtown

it's a hike!

i was freezing!

the view of Athens!

the entrance



Plaka ( old town greece)


downtown art

hi haters...

my gyro

@ Petros restaurant for my gyro

The Birthday Girl

Finally!!! I can say it...I have been to the Acropolis. Ancient Greek's city center. In Greece, Acropolis translates to "high city", and let me tell you, it is high. Today was a workout! No one warns you before hand but it is a hike to get to the top! It's like climbing up the side of a rocky mountain: no hand rails to help you make it, and no emergency crew in site to help you if you don't.

Once you make to the top however, what you see is breathtaking! The Acropolis overlooks all of Athens....truly one of the most beautiful views I have ever seen!

Getting here was quite a that actually started off with me missing the 7:30am bus ride and guided tour to the Acropolis. I guess this means that Greece is rubbing off on me. I never asked what time the tour would start, I simply decided to get there around 10am, assuming I would be early. It is the Greek way *shoulder shrug* Apparently, exceptions are for tourist and I was told to " just come back tomorrow." Well, tomorrow was not good enough. I had been wanting to see the Acropolis and spend a day walking around Plaka ( the downtown square) since i got here. So, I decided to do it on my own! Sans a tour guide! This meant three things. First, I would first have to figure out how to get there. Second, that there wouldn't necessarily be anyone to explain anything in English. And Third, (and most disappointing) no fellow travelers to make friends with. Who was I going to ask to take that perfect picture of me in front of the Parathion ( the main temple in the Acropolis).....

...Nonetheless,I was prepared. I had packed my very own "tourist backpack" the night before: equipped with my Greek Tour Guide Book (bible) and two full camera batteries... I DID IT! Although all we can see are ruins, the Acropolis is absolutely gorgeous. You can see from my pictures that Greece is in the process of restoring the Acropolis, There are cranes everywhere.....just imagine, these buildings (temples actually),made of about 100,000 tons of marble, were built without any type cranes or machines. Amazing!

After 2 or 3 hours in the high city, i had to come down. It was snowing. I was not as well prepared as I thought, I had packed no gloves in my tourist backpack, and because of all the pictures I took my hands were so cold they were hurting. I climbed back down, and visited Athen's new Acropolis Museum, where they house all of the artifacts (marble statues) found in the Acropolis. The people of Athens, are very proud of this museum, and I can see why. I spent another 2 hours, falling in love the Greek Sculptures.

Afterwards, I walked through (got lost in) Plaka, also referred to as old town Greece. A wonderful area to get lost in. The streets are narrow, but beautiful. Here I had my first Gyro, a coworker of mine insisted that I not come back home without having one. I must remember to thank her, it was absolutely delicious. After eating, the streets became very congested, and I started to realize a protest was starting up. So i hopped in a cab and headed back to Alex's. I smiled the whole way back, i was so proud of myself. Not bad for an english speaking girl equipped with a tour book, a camera and no gloves.

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