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Scaddan Wash, Quartzsite, AZ

Sunrise at Scaddan Wash

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Our First Spot Using The Full Solar Setup

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SKP's Happy Hour, Quartzsite, AZ

Jan 23rd

Wow has this been fun. When we left Al's RV Park last Wednesday we drove the rig straight to Solar Bills to have the battery bank and Magnum Charger/Inverter installed. As it turned out the batteries had not arrived and we were told they would be in later in the morning. Solar Bill said we would have plenty of time to finish the installation that day.

Well he was right, but by the time we headed out to Scaddan Wash to join the Happy Hour it was already dark. Have I told you how much we hate driving the rig after dark. Not to mention setting up in the dark. Oh well, we had little choice by that time.

As it turned out we found the gathering easily enough and even found a likely spot to set up. It was on the outside of the circle of RVs already gathered there. They had had the first of the two day Happy Hour that Wednesday and we would join them on Thursday for what there was going to be.

On Thursday we said hello to many folks we had never met before but would soon get to know, at least a little. Denny and Susie Orr were hosting the get together and we had met them several days earlier when we stopped by to find the spot. They warmly welcomed us back and introduces us to even more SKPs.

Later in the morning things got underway and people started to gather around the center of the circle of wagons. On Wednesday they had estimated that between 300-350 people had showed up. Today they expected a somewhat smaller crowd as some of those the day before had come up from Yuma or over from Congress and many locations where they were boondocking or otherwise camped some miles distant.

As usual there was plenty to eat and everyone jumped right in and sampled a little of everything. Again know ones appetite went unapeased.

Denny intoduced the entertainer for the day. I hate to admit it, but now his name escapes me. I'll tell you why that matters in a minute.

He was an old doo wop singer from "The Good Old Days." He had played backup and sang with many famous singers and groups. Like so many entertainers, drugs and booze got the better of him and if it weren't for Dionne of Dionne and the Belmonts he's not sure he would have survived. Because of Dionnes' influence he came to know the Lord and now works with an organization in the San Diego area helping folks recover from their addictions.

Anyway, the reason not knowing his name matters, is at one point he asked for 3 men to volunteer to help him with a song. I ended up being one of the three. He was going to sing "Why Must I Be A Teenager In Love." The 3 of us would each do a solo of the refrain. It turned out that I was last in line for this honor.

Now you have to understand that he was using a really good reverb unit, which would make just about anyone sound good. When I gave my best efforts the crowd, probably a least 200 people, started to whoop and holler and clap. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. And just like when I climbed Half Dome in Yosemite, oh so many years ago and understood why some people climb mountains, this day I understood why entertainers love being on stage. Don't get my wrong I have no career ahead of me, but even once was a real pleasure.

The day rolled on with plenty of fun and laughter and late in the day people started to head back to their rvs and the rest of us went to our rigs in the Wash and settled in for the night.

The Big Tent rv extravaganza kicked off on Saturday and I think everyone in Quartzsite made their way through the tent that day. In talking with some of the vendors over the next several days, we went 3 different days, some said they were doing very well and others said the crowds weren't nearly as large as they had been in years past, but better than the last few years.

We bought a few things we had been looking for and some we had not been looking for. The most important items were a number of different LED lights which would help control our energy uses when boondocking especially but even when we are in an RV park where we have to pay additional electrical charges. This is almost a univeral situation these days. Any time one stays at an rv park for a week or longer you almost always have a meter on the electric usage. Sometimes I'm not sure paying a daily rate wouldn't be less expensive.

Over the next several days, after the formal Happy Hour was over, people started to head out to new locations. Some like us were heading to other SKP get togethers around the Quartzsite Basin. We have plans to stay with Chapter 6 of Michigan. They have been staying out on Plomosa Rd north of Q.

This has been a great week. The solar seems to be working pretty well, we actually had to run the generator a little bit because the batteries weren't fully charged at the time they were installed.

Art and Jan Smith, who we had met last winter in Florida, were here and we got pretty friendly with a few folks who have places in North Ranch over in Congress. We said we would go over and say hello before leaving AZ.

That's it for now but again if you look at the photos you'll see we had some pretty nice sunrises and sunsets.

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