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Sunset At Al's RV Park, Bouse, AZ

Al's RV Park, Bouse, AZ

Leaving Al's RV Park

Jan 17th

We'll be leaving Al's in the morning. It's time to go do a little boondocking now that the solar panels have been installed.

We are going to join the Escapees Happy Hour, it's being held in Scaddan Wash just south of I-10 and East of Quartzsite.

Over the past week we we took the time to clean the dust out of the inside of the 5th wheel. You can't stay on the desert with even a little wind without getting dust inside your rig. It seems to get everywhere as you would expect. But after a couple of hours all was ship shape again.

We went back into Q to talk again with Solar Bill before deciding to install the solar system. Although we still aren't sure if we will be able to run Carol's oxygen concentrator on batteries only, we're going to try. We've decided to install 3 - 165 watt solar panels on the roof and run them down to 4 L-16 batteries built by Rolls-Surrette. These are supposed to be some of the best wet cell batteries available. We hope they are, they're quit expensive.

The panels and Blue Sky solar charge controller were installed on Saturday. Then on Sunday we drove up to Parker to see about buying a Honda 2000 Watt generator. Although we hope the solar setup will do most of the battery charging, with the oxygen concentrator we can't take chances.

We've decided to cut down the original generator compartment to better fit the new Honda. It only needs to be about half the size so we cut it in half and will rivet the two parts back together. This will give us the room we need to install the 4 new batteries. It will also isolate the gas and generator from the batteries. The gen. compartment is sealed to the entry door with a rubber gasket. I think we will eventually add a slide out tray to better handle the generator in/out of the compartment.

Otherwise we mostly relaxed, did a little grocery shopping and got the rig ready to move. Time now to catch up with some SKP's

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