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i was a little early

Alex's teammates



this was in the middle of play....smh @ Nikkos



the parliament building








I have said the above line to Alex before every one of his games, probably since his sophomore year in high school (thats a lot of games). Game day really is my favorite day of the week. I am (one of ) Alex's #1 fan. On game days, I suit up in his jersey, just like he does, and I have probably come closer than I know, to a fight or two due to the things that come out of my mouth during games. Needless to say, I was very excited to see my bro playing as professional. Unfortunately, Alex tweaked his knee before I came to Greece and is taking some time off to rehab (don't worry he's fine). As much as I wanted to see him on the court, I am proud to see him making grown man decisions and taking care of himself.

Watching a professional game in Greece was still a pretty good time. This is big for me to say, since lately I've realized, if he isn't playing I really have no interest in watching a game. When I walked up to the arena entrance, I was a little intimidated. Actually, I was more than intimidated...I was scared. There were Greek police everywhere. This is due to the wild nature of their fans... yup, my kind of fans!

Alex's team won handedly (by 40) so the game itself was not that exciting. The fans however where. They sing songs, threaten the refs...they even have a conductor of sorts. I hate the dookies, but to give you an idea of what I'm talking about think Cameron Crazies and if you don't know who the are, google them ( I promise, you will hate them too). Ok, so you take cameron crazies, add beer, a crowd made up of majority greek men (young and old) and lots of cigarette smoke (yes! i said cigarettes) and you have now have a good idea of what a professional basketball game in Greece is like. A great time. ( an excellent time if Panionios's leading scorer and rebounder is playing)

I tried to take as many good photos as I could of Alex. He has never been one to cooperate with my camera during game time. His teammate Nikkos, who was dressed to the Euro chic 9's, was more than happy to pose for my camera ( i think he was paying more attention to me than he was to his teammates on the court...or his wife for that matter!).

After the game, I had the absolute best night out with Alex. He took me to his favorite Chinese restaurant downtown. Downtown Athens is absolutely beautiful at night: an amazing mix of bright lights, shopping, government buildings, ancient temples, honking smart cars, and tons of pedestrians. The food was great. Afterwards, we headed to my favorite cafe( /bar/restaurant/lounge) for a great night of coffee, 90's hip hop hits and Uno... by candle light. Greeks socialize at cafes until 4 am!

I have not played Uno since I was probably 9 years old. In fact, neither one of us could remember how to play. So, we did what any pair of college educated people would do, we consulted GOOGLE. Naturally, I won the first game. Now, this cocky attitude is what got me into trouble. Alex, my younger brother, who I just knew would not win a single game Kicked My Butt....handedly. I guess, he is the true competitor in the family. As I promised, I am posting the game scores below.

Thank you little bro, for such fun and wonderful I DEMAND A REMATCH!!!! (i still think you were hiding wild draw four cards under your seat)

Game 1: Naima 19pts

Game 2: Alex 76 pts!

Game 3: Alex 88 pts

Game 4: Alex 66 pts

Game 5: Naima 64 pts

Game 6: Alex 76

Game 7: Alex 2

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