Rourke's Asia Trip 2012 travel blog

Well faithful Readers, five amazing weeks have come to an end as we await to board AC 875 Frankfurt to Montreal.

Aleenta Resort in north part of Phuket was a fabulous private beach and exactly designed to recharge the batteries of iPads, iPhones and human bones. As a consequence we did very little but enjoy the sun and the beach but since it was jelly fish season, we stayed out of the surf.

Big wedding and honeymoon destination with more and more patrons coming from fast growing wealthy Asia. Attachez vos tuques, le Tigers are hungry!

Had to settle for a BMW 740 ride to the airport as the Bentley was taken by some gazillionaire 20 something Chinese guy with is new bride - ah well, so it was.

Riding top-deck in a 747 - 400 courtesy of Thai Airways is not a bad way to get back to Europe from Thailand so managed to get 5-6 hours sleep each.

Upon reflection - 5 weeks, 5 countries and 8 cities is a trip of a lifetime.. it will take some time for it all to settle but the views of Mt Everest and Angkor Wat are still pretty vivid.

We are very happy we did this and as we look forward to India 2013 - Africa, the Amazon and Antarctica are beckoning.

We are happy to be getting home and will catch up with all of you soon.


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