Central American Adventure 2011 travel blog

We decided to catch the bus into Liberia to get breakfast, to explore and have a local breakfast rather than an expensive American breakfast in the hotel. We asked the receptionist where to catch the bus, she seemed a bit suprised and offered to call us a taxi but explained where the bus stop was when we explained that we really did want to catch the bus. The stop was very close to the hotel and the journey was only took 20 minutes. Unfortunately, as it was Sunday and the day after New Year's Day, all we could find open was a supermarket and we were starving so ending up buying a bag of crisps to keep us going! Liberia was a bit of a ghost town and we were a bit dissapointed but we waited around until lunchtime when a few places started to open up. We found somewhere to eat and I had a really nice pizza and a gigantic pineapple smoothie, which we watched them make. We headed back to the hotel and had a relaxing afternoon, I tried the pool but it was a bit chilly.

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