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Jan 10th

We arrived at Al's RV Park here in Bouse today. We'll be here for a week. While here we will bring the rig in to Solar Bill's in Quartzsite to have solar panels installed.

On Jan 2nd we rejoined Bob and Suzanna out on Plumosa Rd, about 6 miles outside of Bouse. We had to hookup into Bob's solar inverter, which would charge our batteries, during the day. Our problem seems to be with our batteries not being large enough to do much with. We sometimes fire up his Honda 1000 watt generator to bring the batteries up to full charge. Even then we can't make it through the night with enough battery to use the furnace in the morning. So we have had to use the generator then too.

Bob's cousin from Denmark and her husband joined us a few days later and they needed Bob's help with his power too. They would save the cost of running a generator on the rental motorhome. I never knew the use of a generator was an extra charge when one rented an RV.

As it turned out keeping both our trailer and Neene's motorhome charged up wasn't any trouble at all. During those 10 days we renewed our friendship and gained new friends from Denmark to boot.

We would all get up around sunrise and get our morning routines and breakfast out of the way. Bob and I took his Jeep and made a trip out through the back country behind where we had the rigs set up. It was easy going the whole way. This was a really nice area you wouldn't be able to get too with a car or even my 4x4 dually pickup. Too narrow in a few places, although most of the time it wouldn't have been difficult.

Another time we all took off to the abandoned site of Swansea. This is an old copper mining and mill site. Most of the buildings were gone but some of the Mill bldgs remained,although mostly just a few walls. There were a number of workers houses still there and the walls were in pretty good shape. We all took a self guide walking tour around the area. They had many signs describing what all the facility were like.

We took a break and had our picnic lunch and said a fond farewell to Swansea and drove back to Plomosa Rd.

The trip out and back was real easy and any car can make it there. Only one area got to Carol where the road was a little narrow, steep and rocky. Overall she did real good and we all had a good time.

Since Carol was not interested in going on any difficult 4x4 trips, she and I took the time to go into Quartzsite to check it out when Bob and the others went Jeeping.

It is truly mind boggling how many RVers come to Quartzsite. If you've never been there you can't even imagine what it's like. You have never seen so many rigs in one place in your life. Maybe not even all the places you've ever been put together.

There are so many things going on in this town it's amazing. Most of it has to do with shopping however and since Carol and I are not big shoppers we only went to places that had something to do with Rving. We were too early for the Big Tent RV show but we took the time to talk to a couple of Solar Installers and eventually decided to use Solar Bill's.

Another day we took off and went up to Lake Havasu City to see some old friends from the Southern Cross days. The ride along the Colorado River between Parker and Lake Havasu City is one of the nicest drives you can take. The river valley is held in by high hills on both the AZ and CA sides. These hills are very sharply difined by the erosion over the centuries. Most of the AZ side of the valley have homes built right up to the waters edge. In one canyon they have built the Emerald Canyon Golf Course that seems to flow away from the river and up into the canyon. It's a most unusual location for a golf course but I bet it's great fun to play a round there.

Phil and Susan Gukes have built a beautiful home up the hill from Lake Havasu and they have really wonderful views up and down the lake from their house.

They took us on a little tour of town and even over to see the London Bridge. When Lake Havasu City was first being built the developers went over to England took apart the bridge stone by stone numbered them and reassemble the bridge here. For all the publicity the bridge gets I most say that it did not impress. It turns out that it really is a ordinary bridge, with two gracefull arches but nothing you haven't seen a hundred times before. But it did come from London and although the Stones are very old they only face a new concrete structure. But hey that's what advertising is all about. I guess you could say it's still working, afterall we went to look didn't we?

Susan prepared a delicious dinner and we talked well into the late afternoon. We finally said goodby as we wanted to try to get home before it got dark. On the return ride we decided to cross Parker Dam and go back on the CA side. On the way up there were many signs stating trucks and large rv were not permitted over the Dam. I guess. We had a hard time getting the dually through the Jersey barriers which were set up to stop anyone from trying. I stopped to take a photo of the dam and there was an unlocked gate onto a walkway to one of the dam ancillary buildings. I pushed the gate open and took about 3 steps out onto the walkway and a guard started shouting at me to back out. I took a quick photo and did as instucted.

Although the California side of the river is much less built, up there are several rv parks/mobil home parks all along the way.

It was a terrific day and we really want to say thanks to Phil and Susan for their hospitality.

On Jan 10th we said goodby to Bob and Suzanne and Neene and Torbin as they were heading for Death Valley.

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