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check out the floor

check out her shoes! (lol i love these boots)





Rock & Roll

the world is yours!



Tonight I got taste of what Greek nightlife is all about. We took a taxi to the downtown area, which is about 15-20 minutes away.

First stop, La Lou. The only place I saw that night with a dance floor. Apparently, Greeks are not big on dancing in clubs and I found myself alone on the dance floor several times that evening. I didn't mind. If you have ever been out me then you know I can dance by myself all night with no problem. La Lou has a light dance floor to boot! I loved it!

Our next stop was club Rock & Roll. This place was like an LA club, more or less, with the exception of the missing dance floor and the indoor cigarette smoking.

The last stop was a nice small bar (Alex doesn't know the name). We didn't stay here very long (I was tired), but my brother was determined that I see as many places as possible.

I had a blast & I look forward to my next night out on the town.

Oh and I forgot mention the music: the majority of music i heard was our 80's rock hits (i was the only person in the place that didn't know any of the words...this includes my brother ) and....BEYONCE!!! ( now here i excel at the words and dances lol)

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