Cupernicus & Cathedral

600 Year Old Oak

Front of Cathedral

On the shore of Vistula Lagoon, nice little town where Copernicus studied and wrote his "On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres" which got him in hot water with the RC and Pope! Museum here and huge brick cathedral built in 14th century, most impressive was the 600 year old oak on the grounds, beautiful tree!

On the bus over here what struck me was its I understand why lots of Poles settled in the midwest, Wisconsin, etc. the countryside here is very similar, rolling hills, dairy farms(Holsteins), woods and agriculture very familiar and it's near the Baltic Sea(Great Lakes!)

We stayed in a private home, B&B type place, husband is a fisherman so we had a great tasting fish dinner! We sang "America the Beautiful" and toasted the 4th, being the only Americans around that we knew of. Polish people like Americans, and the majority like Bush too! A change from everywhere else we have been where dislike of Bush is one of the first things that is expressed when locals find out that we are Americans.

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