Solidarity Memorial to 48 Who Died

On the Beach in Hel

Tim Watching Tourists

Sailors on Parade

Fountains and Flowers Everywhere

More Beach in Hel

The Path to Hel

Bon Marching to Hel

The Ferry Out of Hel

A Beautiful Boat Going to Hel

Here we ended up in the private home of Wojciech Zwolinski, an elderly fellow widowed ten years who makes a bit by renting out rooms in his flat...we were looking at the info board on ON accom. in the train station and he approached us, speaking no English but Mari and his German got along well enuf. Nice place, not far from transport...he paid for a taxi to the flat, we are naturally leery of these things but this one turned out fine. He served breakfast to us both mornings and it was a most unexpected overnight.

After looking about the town which is nicer than the LP makes it out to be, we did our grocery resupplying and back, Bon had wanted to look at amber stuff but loaded with groceries plus it was Sunday and after 5 so...

Second day we went to Hel and back via Sopot and Gdynia - you'll see it as a finger of land on the map...if you are in this area the thing to do is visit a small fishing now tourist village at the end of a spit in the Gdansk harbor bay...the bay is favorite place for sailing and sail boarding...we went to Hel by bus and passed HUGE PACKED campgrounds along the way, looked like slums in the countryside...we were also surprised by the pine forest which covers most of the end of the spit, very beautiful...glad we went by bus tho it took 2 hours, and glad we returned by ferry tho it cost an arm and a leg but only an hour and via sea much more comfortable!

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