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my euros, my kindle, and my tour book....READY

landed...waiting to get off

welcome to Greece

Alex's building, the 3rd floor is all his

Alex & Macie at Starbucks ( he calls her "a chick magnet")

you bag your own groceries here

i was taking too long lol

After 17 hours of flying I am finally here :) ! The first thing noticed is that the Greeks seem to love their cigarettes. As soon I as stepped off the plane there were 3 different vendors selling big cartons of them, duty free ! They also have a number pretty fancy smoking rooms ( they look like big glass boxes) through out the airport, which is pretty modern.

Day one was great! Alex picked me up on time, and to my surprise, he actually knows his way around the city pretty well. Our first stop was his condo, where I met his new best friend, Macie (the muscle) his feisty 3 month old pug. She is sweet; a tiny ball of non stop energy. Alex lives off of the water and his place is beautiful: marble tile floors, and a huge balcony equipped with an outdoor kitchen, that overlooks the city.

My first day here was pretty relaxed. We stated out at Starbucks, went the grocery store to buy some necessities and later that night, to the movies to see Star Wars in 3D (Alex's choice not mine).

While Alex was at practice, I took some time to walk around his neighborhood and do a little bit of exploration. Athens truly comes alive at night, I've been told people do not even go to the bars and clubs until 1 in the morning ! . Here are three funny things I learned while walking around on my own.

1. There are a ton of big, stray dogs roaming around the city on their own (like german shepard size). They walk around the city as if they were people, and I kid you not, they even know to wait for street lights to change at cross walks! ( i swear I witnessed it).

2. There are amazing coffee shops on just about every corner. They are beautifully designed, and most play very nice music. The amazing part however, is that they all turn into to bars after 4 o'clock! So, there are also bars on just about every corner as well.

3. There is graffiti everywhere! After a while I realized most of it reads the same thing PANIONIOS. This is the name of Ales'x team. So naturally I asked Alex how serious his fans were. His response, "They're like gangs," there are a number of pro teams in Athen's and the fans will literally fight for the team. So, I guess its kinda like the Laker's and Clippers...taken to another level (like the Dodgers lol).

I guess that is it for now, I took few pictures of my first day. I got a very late start on creating this journal. So, hopefully my writing and pictures improve. The sun has just come out on what is suppose to be a rainy day, I am going to get out and enjoy myself, while my Brother is handling his business.

Kali Mera (good morning)

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