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50 Peso of vegtables ($4)

Bird watchers

I can't believe I ate the whole thing!

Cheapest cerveza at the La Penita market

End of the hike, the Pacific Ocean

The hot pools

Enjoying the hot pools

Fish and shrimp delivery men

Charity Games Day on the beach

Litibu Golf Course, Mike, Eric & Wayne

Liz enjoying the Sail On The Banos social area

Beach near Lo de Marcos

The Karaoke Kids

Mike, at the Sail On The Banos social area

Locally made suasages ready for supper

Super Bowl crowd

Must be a TD at the Super Bowl

Cinnomon humming bird

Steel guitar man, Tony

Fish Fry cooks, Trevor & Howard

View from Merv & Fred's apartment, Las Ayala

Liz with shrimp boats close to shore

The Birthday Boy

Life here in Lo de Marcos is very interesting with loads of other snowbirds to trade stories and spend time with. The beach is spectacular, real good waves some days for body boarding, warm water and about 1½ kilometers of sand to walk. The RV Park has a great area on top of the banos for Happy Hours and other events. [see]

Strange as it may seem, we do keep busy here, things do go wrong you know. Over the weeks we have dealt with hot water heaters that won’t heat, sewer tank valves that won’t shut, gas stoves that won’t light, BBQ’s that won’t light, and most commonly, water leaks that flood units. Lucky for us, to date, none of these were to do with our trailer but we all dig in to assist those in trouble.

Super Bowl saw us organize a pool and TV’s set up for us to enjoy the game and hope we would win some cash. The winners this year were folks who knew nothing about the game, teams or rules, much to the chagrin of the US football experts.

Music is part of living here in Lo de Marcos. There are an amazing number of folks who either play or sing really well amongst the snowbirds. A music night was organized in our park recently, we had folks playing guitars, ukuleles, singing a cappella and even a few of us attempted the karaoke thing.

There are some hot pools in the mountains near here and we took a drive there to dip our bodies in the warm waters called Nuevo Lxtlan. Two trucks and a SUV from our park took off for the two hour drive, ½ hour on paved roads and then 1 ½ hours on rough, windy roads / tracks. Drove through the town of Alta Vista (high view), La Cucaracha (cockroach) and fortunately we all survived the bumpy roads. We took food and a BBQ and after a dip in the hot pools, enjoyed elk hamburgers, sausages and of course some cerveza. On the way back we took a longer route home, only ½ hour on gravel road and then better paved roads the rest of the way.

Each year in January the ‘gringos’ hold a sale and auction in the Lo de Marcos town square, all the funds go in aid of the Lo de Marcos school kids, medical services and recycle efforts. We did our bit for an hour or so but ‘the ankle’ took us home before the live bands and dancing started. Reports next day from our fellow snowbirds says a great time was had by all and a lot of tequila by the sounds of them coming home!

Enjoyed a fish fry yesterday set up for all of our RV park residents. What a feast, with fresh Sierra fish, fried in a crumb coating served up with a great selection of ‘pot luck’ foods. (From the internet - The Sierra fish is one of the more common and feisty members of the Scombridae or Tuna, Bonito, and Mackerel family found in Mexican waters and is best caught and prepared for eating the same day.)

We’re happy to report that Liz’s ankle continues to improve. Some of the roads, tracks and sidewalks here in Mexico are a challenge to the sure footed, so Liz has done real well negotiating the uneven surfaces. Still being very careful, but improving all the time.

Enjoyed my birthday on the 17th of January. Next year I can legally tee off from the front tee's, local "70 yoa" rule!

Hope you are enjoying the winter, keep warm. Mike & Liz

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