Castle Rock

This area got a lot of snow





Our Hotel

Another view

View from our room on the 32nd floor

Jerry loading the sauce in Fountain, Co

Hot Sauce

Hootsie barking for us to come out made us very happy. :-)

Last one!

We had a very busy and wonderful week. We celebrated our 47th anniversary in a fabulous hotel near Denver. They gave us a room at the top, it was on the 32nd floor of the hotel. The view was incredible!

It is hard to believe it has been that long. We are enjoying every minute of our time together traveling by RV. What a wonderful life!

We also won the Radio Shopping Show drawing from the Valentine's Event we attended last week. We got $60 worth of free shopping and certificates for eating out. We had Indian food for free, German food for free and shopped at a flea market for $20 worth of goodies for free. We still have more certificates for later too. The Radio Show of Colorado has been very good to us. :-)

We also got in a shipment of 34 cases of Slap Your Mama Hot Sauce. We had to do a lot of organizing of the basement to get all of that in. Jerry will be taking samples to local restaurants in the area and selling it by the case. We will also have a new hot sauce website opening soon. It is almost ready now, stay tuned for more about that later.

Visit Our Hot Sauce Site

We are also happy to report that Hootsie has been back to visit many times. She got hit by a car. David, the owner of the RV park, almost lost her. She had to have a lot of surgery done, but she has come back strong. When she came back to our site again barking, we were so happy to see her, I almost cried. She has a bit of a limp but she is doing great.

Thanks a million for all the cards and congratulations for our anniversary.

A very special thank you to Sylvia & Buddy. They sent us a "Southern Care" package. It was full of all the things we miss from the south and can't find in the stores out here. Awesome!! We will be enjoying this one for days. :-)

That's all for today. Check back later for more from Colorado.

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