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Angie by The Rolling Stones is playing on the radio...What a classic song.

One more day in Peru. We made our way back from the desert where sheer bliss, misery and awe seemed to have been a whirlwind of emotions.

Highlights (I promise to sit and write more about the events in between) of this last trip...

- 275 km South of Lima to Paracas is pretty much the driest desert in the world

- this is our last vacation spot (term loosely used here)

- checked out of a real hotel at 7:30 am Sunday morning?

- drove through some quite shady areas (yes, Peru does not lack these)

- closer to Paracas we get the more worn down and deprived civilization seems to be

- booked a couple of rooms for the night

- went on a tour of the desert (driest in the world)

- gawked at the pelicans and people

- next day searched for the Hilton hotel...success!

- crashed on their white crushed shell beach for the afternoon like we were staying there and swam in their lovely pool!

- visited a what used to once be a natural oasis but now maintained by mankind/woman

- drove past a horrible car accident

- visited the massive 3 guyana islands...these are cleaned every 5-7 years and even though they were just cleaned last year - it was yet another disgusting stench...

- sea lions yelping like they were arguing in zombie language...

- pisco is made in this region and comes in many flavours such as papaya and coffee

- pisco sour is served as a aperitif and is made with a simple sugar, white of an egg and a dash of cinnamon once all has been beaten together

- it is not recommended to drink more than 3 of these otherwise you will fall on your, I did not try

- on the way back to Lima stopped in an area called Asia...beautiful little village made just for tourists and vacationers - even Peruvians! Just outside this complex the roads were of dirt and not paved...It was like stepping into a different world - on the other side of the planet!

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