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Frigid water in Dresden

Opera House (no, I didn't go inside)

Crazy last couple days. Travel is a great way to evaluate one's sanity, that's for sure. And mine is on life support.

Took a 5 AM train Monday morning from Munich to Crailsheim, Germany. This town of 1400 or so is home to the Voith corporation, a worldwide produce of fluid couplings. They allowed me to tour their plant because I helped install a prototype unit in Wyoming, then had me share knowledge about natural gas operations. Even fed me lunch!

Stefan with Voith recommended I go to Rothenburg next...he didn't mention there's two of them, one with two dots above the 'u'. Well, this put me far from my intended destination, so I decided to go to Dresden. Good thing, too, because I felt completely exhausted on the train, which arrived about 9 pm.

Today, saw the "Museum of Man". Really cool exhibits on everything from human anatomy to farming. Also, really cool Baroque architecture in the old town. Berlin tomorrow for two days, then Erfurt for the weekend.

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