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January 25th

Today we left Collier-Seminole State Park South of Naples and traveled to Myakka River State Park near and East of Sarasota. On the way we used US highway 41 most of the way. We didn’t see much in the way of wildlife on the trip. We did see a lot of urban activity though. Lots of shops and stores. We arrived at the new park around 3 o’clock. We checked in and set up camp. We took a drive down the park road and saw a very lot of wildlife. We saw several groups of turkeys, A lot of wadding birds, including sand hill cranes. We saw an armadillo, several wild hogs, many deer, a bald eagle, a snake, and two raccoons. There is really a lot of wildlife to be seen here. We did stop and walk a small trail the had a suspension walk to it and a tower that put us well above the tops of the trees. We think we would really like the park but we must leave in the morning.

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