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The cloud comes back

Red Panda


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Ugh. Thugpa BAAAAAAAADDDDDDDD!!!!! Lammie go blammo.

In the middle of the night, our first case of Delhi belly hit hard. Lammie fell victim to something bad in and by the time Niiigel woke up in the morning, had already emptied out 6 times. Bleh (or rather, blam).

So Niiigel took really good care of Lammie and ended up reading most of his book while Lammie slept (and ran to the bathroom periodically).

The weather finally cleared up in the afternoon and we went to the roof to take in the vista. It was incredible.

In the end, this was to be our only clear and sunny moment in our entire stay in Darjeeling. We bought huge golf umbrellas to protect us from the torrential rain. They were great and definately came in handy!!!!

It took about 2 days for Lammie to get better --just in time for Delhi and Agra. Darjeeling was a good place to recouperate with plenty of things for Niiigel to explore while Lammie rested up.

We managed to the zoo here --in Asia, this is the zoo at the highest elevation. There were red pandas (they look like reddy brown racoons with big fuzzy paws), a few different kinds of leopards, a black bear, Tibetan wolves, civet cats, and the star of the zoo -- a gorgeous Siberian Tiger.

The Himalayan Mountaineering Institute was also a great place to visit. They had a great collection of gear from all the successful expeditions to Everest. This included Tenzig Norgay's gear from his climb with Sir Edmund Hillary. It's amazing to see how flimsy, heavy, and poorly insulated their gear was. Compare that with the exhibit that comprises all the latest Gore-tex, synthetic filled, light weight gear from the most recent expeditions and you can't help but feel a great sense of awe at how tough these guys were. We also found out here that a Canadian woman is the first ever woman to successfully climb Everest twice with a different route each time. She was the pioneer of one of these routes, too.

Before we left Darjeeling, we saw a Tibetan Buddhist Goompa (monastery). It would have had great views of the valley below on a clear day. Though it was a bit socked in when we went there, the clouds and the mist just added to it somehow.

Darjeeling was good. Next time we'll come when the weather is better.

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