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Fox Glacier Township

On route to Fox Glacier


Fox Glacier

Fox Glacier



After an interrupted breakfast, by the overly keen cleaners, we headed off towards Fox Glacier along the Haast pass. The scenery was breathtaking and ever changing. Some of the time it looked like rain forest or a scene from Jurassic park and you half expected a dinosaur to crash through the forest. We stopped off at Blue Pools with lots of other tourists. We didn't’t know what they were but as you’ll see in the photos it was well worth the 30 min round trip. The water is so crystal clear you can see brown trout, which look like they are suspended in mid air. The next stop was at a waterfall called Thunder Falls, also a nice quick stop. It was a long drive today so we stopped off in Haast Township to eat a roast beef roll, which Ray knocked up. The final stop was at Knights Point, which has a seal colony but we only saw the dramatic view of the costline. Arrived in Fox Glacier, where the cloud cover is very low and heavy. Hopefully it’ll clear tomorrow so we can see Mt Cook & Mt Tasmin and visit the glacier. We decided to hire some bikes to get a bit of exercise as well as to travel up to the glacier and also to go to Matheson Lake which is famous for taking reflective photo's and also to get a view from the opposite side of Mount Cook mountain. As it turned out the weather was really misty on the mountains so the chances of seeing mount cook are a bit slim while we are here but you never know. The bike place was a ten minute walk from our campsite and only cost us $20 each so nothing really for 5 hours of cylcle hire. We set off to the trail which would take us up to the glacier and it was on the road to begin with but very shortly went onto a path built specifically to walk/cycle to the glacier. The incline was not too bad but if you are not used to it then it can be a bit of a drag and we aint done that much exercise in the last month or 3. Anyway we made it to the top and then it was quite flat down to the galcier car park as bikes are not allowed past this poit. It is then a 20 minute walk to the glacier face or as close as we could get. It took me back to my school days with reading all about glaciers without ever seeing one, words like scree and moraine, no wonder i failed geography so badly. The glacier itself is fantastic and the solid block of ice that either advances or retreats depending upon the rate of melt. The ice looks blue as it is so compressed and you get a sense of the power of them. We saw a couple of rock and ice falls when we were there so that was interesting. We then cycled down the path which was much more exciting as you got up some speed especially through the shicanes set up to slow cyclists down. We went back to the site for some lucnh then back on the bikes down to the lake which was along the longest and straightest road you have ever seen, and into the light wind what a bark. The lake is also a bit of a walk from the car park so by now we were getting a bit knackered but we made it and took some nice photo's of the lake although it was a bit too windy for the reflective ones, never mind. We then peddled back to the bike hire place as we had the bikes for about 4 hours by then, again along the long and straight road, a bit uphill this time so by the time we got to the very end we were both walking like john wayne. The benefit was that there was a pub at the end so we had a couple of beers watching the cricket before we set off back to the camp.

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