Sarah and Bens Round the World Trip 2011 travel blog

So our plans have slightly changed for the next month so we are going to south to Cambodia first instead of going to Vietnam as a) we haven’t got our visas for Vietnam which will take 2 days and we will need to travel further south to get them and b) Its Chinese new year so everyone in Vietnam will be off for about 1 week and therefore we won’t be able to travel into/around Vietnam for a while and c) its more logical for us to do Cambodia first so we wouldn’t be backtracking on ourselves.

So we headed further south to Pakse for a short stop to drink some freshly grown coffee and tea off the bolevan plateau and to see some epic waterfalls! I could drink the tea even without milk it was so good! There is also a motorbike loop to do here but we wanted to get to 4,000 islands to see what all the fuss was about!

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