Sarah and Bens Round the World Trip 2011 travel blog

So the loop is motorcycle route around Tha Khaek area stopping off at caves and waterfalls and small villages.

When we got to Tha Khaek we organised our bikes and Ben took me out to teach me! Was not as hard as i thought it would be. A lot of first time riders had done the loop no problem. At our guesthouse there were past log books/recommendations from people who had done the loop.

Our first day it was scorching hot and we had views of green mountains all around us. We headed towards Mahaxai Mai and went to Lode cave which was pretty unspectacular. Then we headed north towards to Yommalat and Nakay this part of the stretch was easy as it was paved roads. Then it got really difficult as the road was mainly rocky or sandy or both and had different levels. So we were bouncing around all over the place. The views were amazing if not erie they reminded us of something out of a film. There was a sea of tall thin black trees in a huge lake however the lake was not a lake as in 2006 the Dam flooded and all this area and it has never recovered from it. We ended up getting to Tha Lang and stayed there for the night was so so quiet.

In the morning it was raining badly and had been all night! This was not good for today. But we headed off. The first part of the road was fine as it just small rocks but then it got worse. I think they use clay to cover the bumpy road which is fine when it is dry but when it rains it turns to mush and basically is a nightmare. We were doing ok with a few close calls. The locals were zooming by us as they are so used to it. I ended up falling off the bike once and burnt my leg a bit and got clay all over myself!

On our second night we met a group of Israelis and one Italian who were doing the loop as well and we joined them for dinner. We had our first lao BBQ and it was probably the best food we have had in lao. We ended up travelling with the group for the rest of the way round. Our next day we headed for Kong Lor we stopped on the way to see Nam Sanam Waterfall which involved a short bike ride into the woods and an hour trek. It was a really high waterfall and ben climbed to the top of it while me and the others chilled in the pool.

The next day we went to konglor Caves which had a river running through the middle of it. We got a longtail boat through it which takes an hour. The cave itself was gigantic, 100m wide at times and 150 m high. After that we had a long stretch back to Tha Khaek we managed to do 200kms in one day partly due to the clear smooth roads. So we completed the loop! :)

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