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Shiny new Four Wheel Drive - only rented unfortunately...

The Crew - Falko, Steffi, Adam, Tini, me and Mirko.

Echidna Chasm

Inside Echidna Chasm

Palm trees in the desert


Bungle Bungles

More bungle bungles

Lazy at the Campground.


I'm back ... and in desperate need of a shower!

Our adventure trip to the Purnululu Nationalpark, aka "Bungle Bungles" was great!

Six people and one Nissan Patrol four wheel drive, rough dirt tracks and the tiger-striped rocks were a truly good combination.

We left Kununura Saturday evening at about 6 to spend another free night next to the highway. The next morning we got up at half past five and went to the National Park (200 km highway and 50 km Dirtroad). In the next three days we did about every walk there, from Echidna Chasm, a gorge about 1 meter wide and 100 m deep, Mini Palms Gorge with palm trees in the middle of the Desert to Picannini Gorge in the real Bungle Bungles with the typical blach and orange striped Rockdomes. The colouring is not in the rock though but comes from different coatings on the different layers of sandstone. Some layers have a black coating of cyanobacteria, others an orange coating of iron oxide. It looks really cool, one of my top 5 spots up to now!

Now I'm back in Kununurra and the Job situation doesn't look too good. Apparently it's too cold at night and the melons have stopped growing - besides that it's pretty hard work and not considered too suitable for girls, great! I think I'll wait for a few days and if I can't get work I'll just move on to another place. A couple of days at the pool lazing in the sun under palm trees won't do me any harm I think :-)

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