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WOW. Ok so last night was amazing and bad at the same time. The festival was awesome with good music, good people and good alcohol. We get there after the shuttle took us down a dirt road lined with torches for about 10 min in the back of a truck bed. When we get there we paid for our tickets and walked down this tented walkway down the side of a mountain. We get to the main area and there were a bunch of food stands and one bar stand but a good amount of people had attended already. we take a look around and head for the bar. I got a tequila sunrise and Ella and rawz got a bucket of rum and coke ( 1 bottle of local rum and 1 can of coke over ice). We started walking around and listening to the music but since the alcohol wasn't taking over yet we were cold so we headed to one of the fire pits that were going to warm up and meet some people. As we walked over they were lighting lanterns and letting them float up in the air. We had all been seeing them since in Pai and knew of them but this time we got to light one and let it go ourselves. That was a most amazing part of the night for me. Its a good luck charm to do so. Well ours was damaged so we let it float up but it didn't get much distance before it started floating back down. There was a hole in the top corner. One of the fire show guys that helped us light it saw what had happened chased it down but it still landed on a group trying to light theirs. Luckily no one got hurt. He brought it back to us and asked if we had something to tip the corner because it would still work. I had a hairband and that worked perfectly. this time it worked very well and we got to watch it float away with all the others :) After we couldn't see what one was ours anymore we went back to the bar to get another drink to celebrate. We got another bucket of rum and coke for the 3 of us. That just elevated our whole experience there. I don't know why when we finished that bucket ( obviously we were drunk so i do know) we bought another one. Somewhere in between I had got to meet all the cute guys that Ella and Rawz had met the night before. They were from Ireland, the Netherlands and a few other places I can't remember right now. They were all very sweet and talked about how the girls were the night before when they were drunk because they had been drunk as well. It was funny to hear the stories from both sides but they all had a good time. Well that last bucket got us because we were falling all over. Not so much me but Roslyn. Were were all having a great time but the alcohol took full effect especially on Rawz. She was so out of it we were stumbling and carrying her everywhere. We had to pee to we went to the bathroom open top huts and tried peeing. Well Roslyn was so drunk so she falling in the bathroom and couldn't take her pants off. While I was trying to help I had my thigh against the back of her leg to help hold her up but I guess she couldn't hold it anymore because she started peeing and it got all on the thigh area of my jeans. As soon as that happened I sobered up and was not happy. After that I said we needed to head back to the hostel and Ella agreed. Stumbling we walked back up the hill to where the truck would take us back to the high school. There was a group waiting as well and asked is she was ok. Everyone is Pai is sooo incredibly sweet and the town is based on Love. We piled into the truck bed with the other people and Rawz knocked out on me. She had blacked out when we arrived at the school so i had to drag her out of the truck. Her shoe fell off and a couple from Malta that we had been chatting with (Who were also very drunk and trying to take care of Rawz) the girl was sweet and started calling her Cinderella. It was just a cute and funny memory. We carried her back to the Hostel and changed her. She was slightly conscious while we were changing her our of her dirty clothes but her pants were stuck. The button took me and Ella like 5 min to undo ( using a brush handle for leverage). After we changed her we laid her in her bed even though she was already knocked out. Ella had gotten sick form the smell and of course Talya was awake with confusion of what was happening and how it had happened. When I went to the bathroom to check on Ella I saw she had gotten sick and saw what she threw up I started gagging and feeling sick. I got some fresh air and felt better. I walked Ella back to our room and ran back to 711 to get them some water, gatorade and crackers. After I dropped some off for Rawz I went back to the room to give Ella the rest but she was getting sick again. She laid down and I tried but I couldn't sleep for quite some time. Talya came over in the morning to see if we wanted food and Ella and I got up slowly. We left a note for Rawz because she needed the sleep. We talked with Talya about everything we could remember what had happened the night before. We laughed about it so it couldn't have been that bad. When we got back to the hostel we started to pack up our things and wake her up. When we were all packed we just sat in the courtyard area like a bunch of hungover girls talking with her about what had happened because she could remember next to nothing after the first bucket. We decided what bus to take to Chiang Mai and met some guys who were also at the festival the night before and shared stories as they were checking in. They were from Canada and were nice. After some talking we bought some herb off them and headed over to the bus station to wait for our private air-con bus because we thought that was the best idea for our current state and how the road is. It is 762 windy turns (about a 4 hour drive) up and down the mountains but it ended up being bad anyways. We all felt sick for most of the way and exhausted. Since the road was so crazy and the van so bumpy (also a crazy driver) sleep was not possible. We finally made it into Chiang Mai.

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