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So today we all woke up and got ready for breakfast. Let me tell you it might be 90 degrees during the day here but at night it is FREEZING! It was cold this morning while looking for a decent place to eat. The weather up there in the mountains is silly. We decided to eat at this place called the witching well. It was cute and reasonably priced. The food was really good (as most place we find in Thailand are:)) By the end of breakfast it had warmed up and we headed back to change into shorts and t shirts. The area where we are staying is small and crowed with a very laid back vibe. The whole title of this town is that its a hippy town :). So anyways instead of renting more motorbike we rented bicycles for 50 Baht. We looked at a map and a lot of good things seem close by so we tried riding to one of the temples (Temple on the hill). That wasn't the best idea with this heat (during the day) or all of the hills (we are in the mountains). We got snacks from 7-11 and headed out in search of the temple. Somehow we ended up doing a big circle and were back on our street where our hostel is. We asked a local for directions and were headed in the right direction. I think because of my lack of water in the last few days and the altitude is why I started getting sick not to mention the heat. We slugged it to the temple up the hills and locked up the bikes. Then standing in front of us were like 150 steps up the hill. I barley could walk the bike up the mountain to where we were locking them up I needed to rest first. After a breather and some snacks and water we started up the stairs. I only make it at the very most 20 steps before I got dizzy and started losing vision so I had to rest again.... and again and again. I told the girls to keep going cause I wasn't feeling well. I made it to the top of the first of 2 group of stairs before i couldn't go anymore. I just sat there and took in the scenery and sound if nature while drinking water. It was quite peaceful. When I started up the second set (the last 15% or so) Ella said they were already about to head back down. I said I was going to the top because I didn't go this far without making it. It was quite a view and the temple was pretty. My favorite part was the last steps were lined with a dragon to the top. I took some pics and looked around a bit at the art then headed back to the stairs so I could start my way down. The girls were sitting at the top of the 1 half so I sat with them while we all caught our breath and rested. We decided to return the bikes early. We came back to our rooms to drop off our backpacks and shop around at the local shops around the area. When it started getting dark it started getting cold so we got our jackets and warm clothes and went out for dinner. After dinner we did some more shopping and walking around. Ella and I talked to a couple locals and then Talya and I headed back to rest while Roslyn and Ella went out to the bar. I'm falling asleep while typing and listening to music so I'm going to try and sleep. Tomorrow I hope things work out for the best if I get a response from a friend but I don't know how high I should hope again. It's always on my mind and we just need some time to really talk although it would be easier if we weren't so far away. More waterfalls tomorrow :) till then

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