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Cruising on the bike with Al

How the Laos live mostly wooden huts still here

Phou san Waterfall and me

Me swimming about in the waterfall

The state of most of the roads in Laos

Fan Waterfalls drops about 150 metres of a cliff edge

Fan Waterfall and me in a right state after almost plunging to...

Yueng waterfall another monster pic doesnt do it justice really

Dirty and boring Pakse

Messy night in boring Pakse, on the lao lao

Bus pulled into a wet, dingy, run down looking Pakse with the same old crew of tuk tuk drivers waiting to harrass you to go with them. It was about 7am and to be honest the best nights sleep I had, had on one of these night bus things. Met the guys by chance in the centre of town and got a room in this basic place for one night waitig to go on the boat down to the 4000 islands.

The others all went back to bed but Alistar and I went for a butchers round town, not much to see, but strangely they had 8 tennis courts, something I did not expect to see anywhere in Laos. Spoke to a lady in thetourist office about what we coulddo for the one day we had in Pakse and she drew us this pencil map on how to get to loads of huge waterfalls about 40 ks out of town. This map was basic, but we thought we would give it a shot, so we went and rented a bike and hit the road, I was riding bitch.

Somehow managed to find the first site, but credit to the lady in the tourist office it was exactly how far she said. This waterfall was called Phoun San awesome it was, so me and Al went for a dip as it took a good 45 mins on the bike on crappy roads to get their. Then jumped back on the bike to find Tad Fan which was about another hours ride from the last one. Fan waterfall was crazy it dropped down from a cliff edge about 100 metres into this gorge, so me and Al decided we would climb down thispath a bit to get a better view. The path was stupidly steep and made of clay, I was in my flops so i was slipping all over the place. We had to grab hold or roots and all sorts to stop us from falling down into the gorge, got filthy, but worth it for the view of the monster.

So we left that one and the night was beginning to draw in but we thought we might as well check out the thrid one on the shifty map. Got to Tad Yeung about 6 ish and had to dump the bike on the way to it as we started slipping all over the place on the crappy road. Got to this little path and followed that till we got to the river, then we had to climb over these logs hanging over the water to get to the island above the waterfall. This was another monster dropping into a gorge, so we took a walk down to this viewpoint opposite the beast and got soaked by the spray coming from the fall. Left their and jumped back on the bike and drove the 50 odd ks back to Pakse in the dark, we were getting all sorts of bugs crashing into our heads.

Arrived back in Pakse to hear about what had gone down in London, couldn't believe the bastards had hit us, felt really weird being so far away from it all. So ended up getting pissed on shots of Lao Lao with the crew.

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