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Met up with Connor and also therestof the group who were Kayaking 3 Brits Neil, Graeme, Alistar 2 German girls Jouhana, Katrin and 1 Austrian Ursula. It was a good group had a right laugh on the hours journey to where we would enter the water to make our way down to Vientiane.

Got to site on the Nam Lik and managed to slip down the bank right into the water, which caused great amusement, also made sure I got my own Kayak as I would of been paired up with Connor who was a big lad, didn't want him reducing my maneuverability as I tackled the grade 2 and 3 rapids we were going to hit.

So got going and before we knew it were hitting the first set of rapids, I managed to go off on the first rough patch, pooed myself as their were all sorts of whirlpools and rocks knocking about. But testament to my decision on dumping Connor on our guide Pang, they came off too, which was worrying as he had lunch strapped to the back of his Kayak.

Second set of rapids I imagined to sail straight through avoiding this huge whirlpool that would suck you down. But Graeme and Ursula capsized and lost there Kayak, had to cling to some rocks on the bank of the river.

Third and final set of rapids were savage you could here them about 5 mins before we could see them. Pang was convinced that not only would he go off with Connor but so would all of us. When we came round the corner to actually see the rapids the adrenaline started pumping, Pang shouted to us stay down the middle. The rapids were created by the cliffs on both sides getting closer together squezzing the water through a small gap meaning the waves were crashing together in the middle of the channel, what made it worst still was the waterfall on the right side, it was savage whirlpools everywhere and the current was so fast. So I followed Pang right down the centre paddling for my life, you would ride a wave up then suddenly drop down into the trough of the next, I thought I was for certain gonna get wiped out as the waves were coming from all directions and I had this huge one in front of me but I just kept paddling and before you know it your out, I was buzzing, great rush. Pang survived too, which he couldn't stop laughing about as he thought with Connor on the front he was doomed. Neil and Jouhanna came off right at the beginning of this monster and Jouhanna got it bad, she got sucked down nto a whirlpool and was pinned down for about 10 seconds, nasty, needless to say she was well shaken up and we stopped for lunch once everyone was put back on their Kayaks.

So after lunch we just cruised down the Lik for about 45 mins to where we got picked up forthe drive into Vientiane. We were greeted by about 30 kids, the Laos kids are awesome so friendly that they go out of there way to shout out "Sabadee" hello in Laos.

Arrived in Vientiane about 530pm but lost the rest of the guys as got in a tuk tuk with Connor and got dropped off somewhere different. Connor left for the border as he had to make it down to Phuket in 24hours so I found a joint to stay but then met the guys in Nazims curry house down on the banks of the Me Kong. Can you believe that even out here the curry house was adding extras on the bill that I didn't have, cheeky bastards, there the same everywhere hey.

Tuesday 5th July

Got up and walked about Vientiane, went to the morning market to buy a watch as I am now on to my 3rd one as the last two that said they were waterproof weren't, alright one was a Chaweng special but still. Got hold of a replica Casio 5 pounder in Argos for 4 bucks. Looked about Vientiane for about 3 hours which is plenty as not a great deal to see here, met up the group down on the banks of the Me kong in the sun which makes a change from VV. Got a massage with the lads then just chiled in some random bar all night, the town is dead after 11 for a capital but I suppose that runs with the norm in Laos. Wanted to leave tonight but decided I will go with the group tomoz as I was a right laugh with them.

Wednesday 6th July

Got night bus down to Pakse as we were heading south to the 4000 islands. I already had a ticket for a proper sweet as VIP bus down to Pakse so I arranged to meet the guys down in Pakse and jumped on my swish coach while they went local VIP. On the bus I was sitting next to Laos teenager called Sixhan who spoke good English, he was a student from Pakse who had come up for an interview with some Australian board that dish out schlorshipsfor Uni to 20 Laos kids a year. He had failed last year at this stage, but two of his mates had got through, felt sorry for the kid, he was showing me this photocopied sheet of paper with interview skills written on it in english, I thought im glad i m not dealing with any ofthat for now. Apprantly thousands of kids apply to this so the chances a remote at best, good luck to him.

I got my pod out to have a listen and offered one of the earphones to Sixhan, I said to him what to you want to hear and he was asking me for Gareth Gates and Ronan Keating, which you will be glad to hear I didn't have. So I just played some classic tunes like Jacko Billie Jean, but he had never heard it, could't believe it, but I did pluck something he liked, old Robbie Williams went down well, he was bloody singing it out load. I went to go to sleep, which I find impossible on these buses, and put my chair back, at which point I caused alls sorts of commotion behind me as I was squashing someones kid that they had laid out on their laps. What do they expect hey, when they try and do things on the cheap.

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