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Kristen and Mike Gingrich

Thank you Kristen and Mike for letting us store some of our 'Stuff' in your garage until we get back this way. We left a number of boxes at Nancy's sister's house including items that Hannah will need when she moves out of her dorm and into an apartment next summer in San Diego. We arrived rather late after dropping other item at JT's house (friend Jeff) in Folsom. Those items will be loaded into our 5th wheel when we bring it back to Sacramento. Driving up to Gardnerville late at night with a fully loaded mongo truck that we just purchased a week before was not for the faint of heart (at least my heart). Considering we have never had a diesel truck, we've never had a big truck, in fact we've never had a big mongo truck that feels like a school bus and has more computers, gadgets, widgets and up-fitter switches (what the heck are those anyway?)crammed into the dash board than a 747 cockpit control panel! It was good we were learning how to drive this monster before we had to attach our 5th wheel.

Leaving Gardnerville a bit lighter, we felt wonderful. It was a beautiful crisp, clear morning and we felt free to roam about the country. Next destination was somewhere near Salt Lake City. We spent the day reading some of our truck manuals - how exciting. Actually we could spend the next three months reading the truck manuals since we have so many and they are so thick :). I think as most people do, we skimmed and hope we never have to use them. However, the trucks navigation system (if we planned to use it) does require some understanding since it's voice activated and all. Several times we found ourselves screaming into the stupid microphone to get it to understand an address. It was strange how it understood me better when I spoke with a Turkish accent - go figure.

Arriving late in Salt Lake where it was really cold was not pleasant. Since we had all of our boxes and gear in the bed of the truck it was quite exposed. I wanted to cover it with a tarp. I worked out a way to cover it and bungee it down. Of course I felt like I got frost bite on my hands. Yes, I'm a Sacramento wimp - not used to the cold anymore. Other than the frost bite it was good to keep the boxes dry and out of site at night when we were in our hotel room. We had to trust that no one would steal all our stuff. Remember this truly is 'allll our stuff'. The hotel we found was way out of town and at the end of 'hotel row' so there was very little traffic going past the truck.

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