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entrance to the wat compound

extremely old wooden structure

local produce market

DELICIOUS fried coconut treats

It seems many stores, including motorbike rental places, are closed on Sunday... so hopefully we can try that out another day...

We donned our full packs this morning as the Riverside Guest House was booked full for the night and we had only reserved Saturday. But we didn't walk for long! Just a few houses down the street an older woman beckoned us, and it's a lovely guest house for just 300B for the night. And there's AC and free fruit and coffee! We dropped our bags, and with the motorbike option put on hold, sought alternative transport to Wat Phra That Lampang Luang. We ended up in a song-thaew and paid the driver to wait for us at the Wat for an hour. I'm glad we did it! The temple compound was beautiful and extremely impressive. 1 hr was just enough time.

(Forgot to note delicious breakfast! A tomato and pork hot pot dish over rice noodles. Despite asking "ped mai?" (is it spicy?) and being told no, I think I have a different spiciness scale than the Thai. YES it was spicy. But it was also delicious!)

This evening we returned to the night market, but first sought food at a market where the locals shop. Here we were adventurous, as we could not ask what it was we were purchasing and eating. I did make good use of "ped mai", and nothing we ate tonight was beyond my threshold for comfortable heat.

What we sampled: some sort of omelet of eggs and greens with a sauce that I did not like at all; a fragrant and tasty rice and unknowns wrapped in some sort of large leaf; meat (pork?) wrapped in a large leaf (too fatty, i didn't really like it); a delicious skewer of barbq chicken and veggies; 2 large OJS; 2 large bottle of water; a sample of pad thai (though it had some sort of small fish in it); and a small and then a large order of my favorite food of the night-- small patties of fried, shredded coconut, and maybe there was rice in it too... they were DELICIOUS!!

Tomorrow we will return to Chiang Mai-- I hope the food is as good there! I doubt it will be as cheap... for all that we ate tonight, less than $5 total! Love it! Mmmmmm...

(Notes on Wat Phra That Lampang Luang: the compound includes what is thought to be the oldest standing wooden structure in the country- dates back to 1476)

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