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It takes a bit of adjustment to move from one of the world's biggest and fast-paced cities to Luang Prabang Laos in 12 hours. Drive to Mumbai Airport was in same vein as gravity defying trip from Sikkim mountains. Great 4 hour flight brought us to Bangkok. Glenn remembers the International Airport from the 70's when there were water buffalo grazing between the 2 runways. It is now an unbelievable cross-shaped 4 floor high building bustling with travellers 24 hours per day. The shops are never ending and the activity is simply amazing. Cooled our heels for 5 hours then boarded the 2 engine turbo prop for the 2 hour flight to Laos. Glenn remembers the slow paced, relaxed Kingdom again from the 70's BUT it hasn't changed. Very few people or vehicules on the roads. People who are not after every last $ and who do smile a lot. Neat hotel Maison Souvannaphoum. 6 AM start to Sunday to give alms to the hundreds of monks that rely on such things too survive. Next the colourful Morning market and then a day of Temples, beautiful cascading waterfalls, a refugee village , a cotton weaving village and finally a Buddhist 'blessing' ceremony. Relaxing in hotel before tackling the mighty Mekong tomorrow morning. Kinda neat to get some down time after India. Other than having to seek the assistance of Ms. Imodium , all is cool in the Kingdom of Laos. Till the next time.

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