cole and kennedies canadian trip travel blog

we got off the fery early the next morning we had went 84km from vancover to victoria. we were very tired cole actually had to carry kennedie to the cab then into the hotel. we slept in very late, we only woke up at 2:30 then order room servous. me and kennedie where looking through things to do in victoria so i went to the front desk while kennedie was getting ready to see what there was to do around here.then i was told that there is theatres close by. kennnedie wanted to climb a mountain so we decided to climb a mountain. cole thought that kennedie was joking about it but she wasn`t so kennedie and cole actually went to climb a mountain it took along time to get to the top but there was an amazing veiw when we got there. cole saw a red thing and he thought it was a dead frozen person but when we went over it was a sleigh and kennedie was soo happy kennedie jumped on it and tell cole to grab a piece of cardboard that was under the sleigh cole standed on it and surfed down the mountain and well kennedie .. well, she was so happy she flew down that mountain.

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