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Life at sea can be at leisure or extremely busy. One can bask in the sun or attend classes every hour during the day and an entertainment show or a movie in the evening. Courtney typically sleeps in to late morning then goes to the fitness center and later relaxes in the sun or studies (she is taking on-line classes in management and greenhouse management). Deb walks the teak deck in early morning and then attends 2-3 classes during the day (things to see at the next port, Qi Gong, Bible study, ocean exploration, cooking demos, flower arranging or choir practice). There is a library with hardback books, magazines and computers. Internet is provided via satellite and is very pricey running $0.25 - $0.75 per minute depending on the plan purchased.

Of course, food is available nearly all the time. On the Lido deck, one can get breakfast, lunch and dinner. Mexican, hot dogs, hamburgers and pizza are available by the Lido pool. Dinner is very elegant in the Fontaine Room with your choice of steak, chicken, seafood or fish and the dessert……oooh.

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