EuroTrek 2004: British Isles and Iberian Peninsula Tour travel blog

Rode the bus, read and then read some more. It was nice that the bus station I got dropped off at in Barcelona was like 3 blocks or less away from where we were staying. I found it alright and ran into Gwynna and Humberto who were going over to Corte Ingles (Spain's Sears) to buy a fan since... omigosh ... there was no AC! Well they ended up getting fans but I bought and iron instead figuring I rather have unwrinkled clothes than buy a big fan that I'm going to only use for 3 weeks and then give away. Later on that night sleeping I would figure out that I was right and I actually had to use the sheet since I was a little chilly. The room was nice, our own this time... no roommate (even though Ryan was a good one). Our own fridge and kitchen too! I couldn't wait to cook for myself finally... Basically I spent the majority of the day getting situated and we had a little drink at the bar down at the bottom and around the corner of our euro hostel/dorm. We actually had class in the morning and I really didn't want to have to think about it much.

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