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Mud Turtle

Our third day at the zoo. Yesterday it rained all day off and on. It would pour for and hour and the paths would be flooded more than ankle deep. Then an hour or so later the water would all be gone again. Then it would be sunny for a brief while and then the cycle would start again. If this is the dry season, I am glad I will not be here in the wet season.

Today was also a gloomy rainy day but the rain was less and the sunny periods were longer. During one of the sunny periods we went for a hike at the nearby Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. It was very muddy. Didn’t see any monkeys but I did see a Barred Antshrike. This bird is totally covered, both back and front with black and white stripes. It has a large white eyebrow which it can raise like a crest. Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of this really neat bird. I have not been very lucky with getting many bird photos on this trip. I usually get lots. I spent the last few winters in the southern USA and northern Mexico where it is always sunny. Here it is always dark in the jungle and on an overcast day it is almost impossible to get bird photos. My camera with a long lens requires lots of light.

After our hike we stopped for lunch at a restaurant bar called Cheers. It is owned by Canadians from Chilliwack B.C.

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