Ali and Pete in New Zealand 2012 travel blog

Last night's camp site on Whangarei Heads

The biggest sea arch in the southern hemisphere (allegedly) - Poor Knights

Whangarei refinery - Pete's dad helped to commission in 1963

Two more dives on the Poor Knights. The first was really spectacular. We descended into a huge underwater arch absolutely full of stingrays. There must have been 50 plus, all mooching around and totally ignoring the divers. Pete stroked three of them and they didn't object. The second dive into another arch then swam round the back into the drop off. This time just a few snoozing rays, but plenty of nudibranchs to keep Ali happy. Kingfish and big snappers also present.

Then a trip down memory lane for Pete - we camped beside a beach on Whangarei Heads, scene of snorkelling adventures when he was 13. A great view of the refinery and huge tankers (if you like that sort of thing!)

Now off to visit a friend before heading further south to explore the rest of the north island.

Hope you enjoy the photos. Videos currently a bit of a technical challenge, but we'll keep working on it.

In answer to various questions - yes, the sun is still shining, and no, Pete hasn't caught any fish yet (but only because he hasn't tried!)

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