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Brazil side Iguacu Falls for the next 35 pics
















220 pound block of provolone cheese!!

Our big hotel room

Our big hotel room































Stuck in the rain

Cool restaurant they kept serving us free food and beer!!!


Hotel owner who spoke no english but we chatted for 4 hours!

Hotel owner and wife she made us a snack tray

Buenos Aires from the plane

Jan 10 to 12 Iguacu Falls Brazil and Argentina

We heard that Iguacu Falls was supposed to be bigger than Niagera Falls and really beautiful but nothing could have prepared us for the breathtaking views. First we saw the falls on the Brazilian side which allowed for beautiful pictures of all the falls on the Argentina side. We took a ride on a boat up the river and the drive brought us right up to the falls and made sure that everyone was drenched in water. We took an electric trolly through the jungle and Jenelle was loving this kind of jungle tour where you could sit back and relax until when we got out and had to walk 100 yard to the edge of the river. The guide strongly warned everyone to watch where they stepped and to keep an eye out for scorpions!! We also saw a crazy big ant the size of a toonie!!

The next day we took the bus into Argentina and had to get out on the Brazilian boarder to get our passports stamped, wait for the next bus, and then get off on the Argentina board to get our passports stamped. Good thing the bus driver waited for us at that stop. Then we went to Iguacu Falls on the Argentina side. This side was really amazing because you're walking over top of all the little rivers that lead to the falls and you get up close and personal with the falls. They also had a really long plateform that took us on a 1 km walk to the HUGE waterfall that would resemble Niagera Falls.

The pictures do not do justice to the beautiful views of this location. Add Iguacu Falls to your bucket list as this is a must to see!!

On the eve before we left we enjoyed supper in laid back Japanese restaurant eating great food, drinking beer and playing cards. For some reason the staff loved us and gave us free dumplings and a free round of beer. It was nice to sit back and relaxing after putting on so many miles at the falls. When we got back to our hotel the owner was working the front desk and we stayed up talking to the guy for 4 hours even though he knew next to no english and we know very little spanish. He was really funny and enjoyed hearing about our travels and looking at pictures. Then his wife came home and made us all snacks (crackers, cheese, meat, and olives) and visited as well. That was a fun night.

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