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We slept until nearly 7:00 and then climbed out of bed, ready to face a busy day.

I had promised Marilyn that I would take her shopping to buy birthday gifts for our grandkids.

We found a few neat things at Academy Sports, then filled the truck with Diesel fuel and headed west to McAllen.

Toys R Us was next on the list and we finished up our shopping for the grandkids there. Now we have to find a way to get all that stuff back to Missouri on the airplane. LOL

We ate lunch at a cafeteria in the mall before moving the truck to a different parking lot to continue the shopping spree.

I bought a Rubiks Cube for me and Marilyn did a little shopping for herself at the Bath & Body Works.

We made another stop before heading back home to the resort, and that was at the HEB store, looking for some lamb chops to grill.

Not finding what we were looking for we managed to find a couple of other items and finally were on our way back to the comfort of our condo on wheels.

We had time to rest for an hour or so, and that gave Marilyn time to get outdoors, to lay in her lounge chair with her book.

I inspected the back of my eyelids for awhile after turning the A/C on to increase the comfort level.

It is 83 degrees outdoors today and that made it perfect for a cookout.

Bob & Janet invited the gang to their place for pulled pork that Bob had smoked and served that with baked beans and chips.

They also had some delicious home made ice cream. Wow!

On a perfect day, what more could you ask! Awesome!

Jesse & Ginger, Henry & Pam, Marilyn & I all joined Bob & Janet for the fun and food.

Henry entertained us with stories from his past and we all had a good time.

As the sun sank below the palm trees, the temperature sagged along with the daylight. Everyone returned to their own respective RV for the evening.

It was another fine day,

Life is Good!

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